A CMS for effective web teams

Pragma helps developers, designers, and content-managers to be productive with better collaborations. Built on modern best practices. Fully customizable for your needs.

Design with reusable components

In Pragma, components are the building blocks for creating pages. You can create a component with just HTML & CSS. When you make a change to a component, all of its instances will be updated. Think of it as an evolving design system.

Build using JSON

Pragma stores pages as JSON objects. This gives you the flexibility to compose pages using multiple language and tools. You can easily integrate with existing systems and port your content to multiple formats (for example, JSON-LD or AMP).

Edit without losing the context

Pragma’s editor can be customized. You can define where free form text can be inserted and which attributes can change. Your writers and content managers will be able to update pages without touching any code.

Achieve faster page loads

Pragma will auto-generate static pages and create cacheable bundles of CSS/JS every time you publish a change. Retain more users with faster load times. Fast pages also keep Google bot happy.

Follow your productive workflow

Use Pragma's CLI and API to hook it into your dev process. You can write components using your favorite editor, build them using Webpack, push to Git and then publish from CI. You have full control of the workflow.

Switch to Pragma. Deliver on time. Reduce costs.

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